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HR Offshore Marine Management

Bridging Challenges with Solutions

About Us

Administración y Tripulación de platafor
Since 2009 we are committed to our customers' goals

Offshore Marine Management was founded in Mexico in January 2009 as a firm dedicated to serve the logistics support and specialized personnel needs of international companies operating offshore supply vessels in Mexico.

Since our beginning it was important for our customers to rely on marine crews and services that met local and international experience, standards and training qualifications.  Very soon our customers realized that we added value by meeting international standards, by providing very experienced crews that were ready and capable to work in the high demands of offshore operations, and by providing these services at costs that beat other markets.

This made us a strategic partner and established the conditions to get assignments in other places and expand our services. 


Our customers called us to support their projects in the Americas in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela; and in Western Africa in Angola and Ivory Coast.


We also expanded our service portfolio, which added to our initial services to include:  Ship Management and Field Operation of Offshore Service Vessels including since 2018 Jack Up Rigs, Recruiting, Selection, Training and Management of Marine Personnel, Industrial Safety Induction, Onboard Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) and Compliance Enforcement supervision, Design, Installation of offshore oil spill equipment, staffing and operation of an Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV), Competency training for highly skilled offshore personnel.


In 2015, HR OMM became a member company of Merkurios Group Holdings LLC, which is a diversified company that serves multiple industry customers through four companies: HR Offshore Marine Management, Offshore Marine Mangement de Mexico, Servicios Tecnológicos Marítimos and Merkurios Resiliency Management.  The group has offices in Houston Texas, Mexico City, and Ciudad del Carmen and has representing partners in Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá.

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